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National Unity Pledge and Mark

NCAA Division I Council Update | October 14, 2020

The Council received an update from the NCAA Division I Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, which collaborated with the NCAA Division II and Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committees and the NCAA Board of Governors Student-Athlete Engagement Committee, on the creation of a National Unity Pledge and Mark. Upon taking the unity pledge, a student-athlete will be able to wear the unity mark on their uniform. The pledge is included below:

I am an NCAA student-athlete and I pledge to be a Champion of Unity on my team, on my campus, and in my community.
I pledge to stand against all forces of division and separation.
I pledge to embrace differences and strive for inclusion and collaboration.
I pledge to stand against racism, hate, and discrimination.
I pledge to strive for love, care, and forgiveness.
I pledge to stand against silence, deceit, and obscurity.
I pledge to strive for dialogue, truth, and understanding.
I pledge to stand against fear and doubt.
I pledge to strive for trust and belief in one another.
I pledge to stand against complacency and stagnancy.
I pledge to strive for change and growth.
I commit to supporting my fellow student-athletes in all circumstances that impact them.
I commit to both choosing unity personally and encouraging it for all.
I pledge these things because we are stronger together.