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The Voice of the Student Athlete



WAC Student-Athlete Advisory Commitee
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How does the WAC generate feedback from its most valuable product, its student-athletes? Through the Western Athletic Conference Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (also known as the WAC SAAC) which was established in 1998.

Since its implementation, the WAC SAAC has been an essential component in the conference’s governance structure as well as a strong voice for student-athletes’ well-being at all levels (e.g., institutional, conference and national). It provides recommendations and positions on specific conference and NCAA proposed legislation, and it addresses national issues that may have an effect on the well-being of all student-athletes. In addition, its members provide recommendations for the eighteen WAC championships in order to enhance the student-athlete experience for all sports. Another objective which the committee constantly strives to obtain is to help strengthen and improve the communication and relationships among athletes, campus administrators and coaches.

On the national stage, the WAC SAAC selects one of its committee members to serve as its representative on the NCAA SAAC, which includes all of the Division I conferences.

The WAC SAAC is a proactive committee and is making a very positive impact within the WAC membership. Annually, each member institution appoints two student-athletes from its own campus SAAC to serve on the conference committee. To conduct business, the committee has at least one in-person meeting during the year and schedules monthly teleconference calls during the academic year.

As part of the WAC SAAC in-person meeting, the committee conducts a community service outreach project within the local area where the meeting is hosted. Past projects have included the following: sports camp and clinic for underprivileged children, visiting local Boys and Girls Clubs, visiting Children’s Hospitals and homeless shelters and neighborhood house painting. Taking a leadership role in conducting community projects is part of the WAC SAAC’s goals and objectives.

If you have any questions relative to the WAC SAAC or its activities, please contact Marlon Edge at the conference office.